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Simplify Your Agile Tracking with Beanstalk

Tracking the progress of Agile learning, especially when managing multiple team members, can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a coach overseeing a group or an individual reporting to management, the challenge of keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of progress is all too familiar. This is where Beanstalk steps in to transform complexity into simplicity, making it easier than ever to monitor and report Agile progress.

Easy Tracking with Beanstalk’s Dashboard

Beanstalk offers a straightforward solution to this widespread issue through its intuitive dashboard. This powerful tool provides a clear view of every team member’s progress, neatly organized and always up-to-date. It’s designed to give coaches, managers, and team members the ability to quickly assess learning achievements, identify areas for further development, and celebrate milestones reached.

Real-Time Self-Assessment Insights

Central to Beanstalk’s strategy for simplifying progress tracking is the use of a comprehensive self-assessment tool. After completing the assessment, both the individual and their coach or manager can immediately see where they stand, what they’ve mastered, and where there’s room to grow. This instant feedback loop is crucial for keeping everyone aligned and focused on continuous improvement.

A Single Source of Truth

With Beanstalk, gone are the days of juggling multiple tracking tools or manually updating spreadsheets. Our platform serves as the single source of truth for all things Agile learning-related. It brings order and clarity to what was once a complex process, allowing you to spend less time tracking and more time focusing on actual Agile practice and coaching.

Beanstalk: Your Solution to Agile Tracking Challenges 

Beanstalk directly addresses the challenge of tracking Agile progress with an easy-to-use platform that not only monitors but also enhances the learning journey. By providing clear, real-time insights into each learner’s development, coupled with a user-friendly dashboard for oversight, Beanstalk makes Agile tracking a breeze.

If keeping up with the development pace in your Agile environment has become an obstacle in your coaching or management role, let Beanstalk lift that burden. Discover a world where progress tracking is no longer a chore but a seamless part of your Agile journey.

Track Agile Progress Effortlessly with Beanstalk. Dive into the simplicity of monitoring Agile development and celebrating every milestone with confidence.

Key Features

Curated learning objectives created and prioritized by leading Agile guides (CSTs, CECs, ...)
Dashboard with your skill profile and improvement performance
Clear questions and acceptance criteria enabling an intuitive self-assessment
Growing library of eLearning content (videos, case studies, workbooks, ...) for self-guided learning
Frequently updated with new content and learnings from our guides (stay up-to-date on trends and innovations)


Yes, you decide when you’ve reached a learning objective. It’s built for Agile practitioners looking to improve themselves. Can you cheat? Of course. But what’s the point? 🙂 Also, for every learning objective we recommend specific real-life ways to practice the acquired skill / knowledge, so you can have a better sense of whether you really get it or not.

Currently you’re entitled to a 1-month free trial, which gives you enough time to easily try it out. Afterwards, if you’re happy and want to keep using the tool there is a 1x lifetime price to keep using it forever (with access to all content updates)

Yes, really. You get to use the assessment for one career path (e.g. Product Owner) forever. This includes all the learning content that was there when you paid, plus all new learning content created afterwards.

For Agile practitioners looking to improve, regardless of seniority. We have a custom assessment for different Agile careers (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner, …), covering five different maturity basecamps (from junior to expert). If you are working in an Agile context, just pick your career and directly start assessing your current maturity.

Understand what skills and knowledge you miss, and take your career in Agile to the next level