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From confusion to clarity: Discover and navigate your Agile potential with Beanstalk's guided learning journey.

At Beanstalk, we understand the journey through Agile methodologies can often feel like navigating an intricate maze without a map. You’re committed to advancing your skills, keen on making meaningful progress, and yet, the path forward seems shrouded in uncertainty. The Agile landscape is vast and continuously evolving, making it challenging to pinpoint exactly what to learn next or how to elevate your practices effectively. This common hurdle can transform what should be a straightforward path to unlocking your full potential into a journey riddled with uncertainty and indecision.

Having a clear direction is crucial for navigating your Agile journey successfully. It’s not just about accumulating knowledge; it’s about strategic learning that aligns with your unique career trajectory and the specific challenges you face. Our mission is to transform this uncertainty into a well-lit path of progression and improvement, tailored to your needs.


Leveraging Beanstalk’s dynamic self-assessment tool for unmatched Agility

Embarking on your Agile journey with Beanstalk introduces you to our dynamic self-assessment tool, the cornerstone of our platform designed to dispel the fog of uncertainty. This innovative tool serves as your personal Agile compass, carefully guiding you through the intricacies of your career path.


Navigate with precision

The essence of our self-assessment lies in its ability to offer you a mirror, reflecting not just where you stand but illuminating the opportunities yet to explore. Crafted with questions by Agile veterans with over 20 years of experience, this tool transcends basic queries, offering a comprehensive evaluation of your proficiency and practical application of Agile methodologies. It’s here, in the honest assessment of your capabilities, that your journey of targeted learning begins.


A Tailored experience

Each question, each interaction with our tool, is a step towards personalizing your learning experience. Unlike the broad strokes often painted by generic learning platforms, Beanstalk hones in on your specific needs. Beanstalk assesses your current level of Agile understanding, offers you insightful learning materials to fill in the gaps and expand your knowledge. Seamlessly integrating with this personalized approach, an intuitive dashboard empowers you to navigate your progress and define your objectives, ensuring a cohesive,controlled and self-paced learning experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery and mastery in the world of Agile. No longer wander through the labyrinth of uncertainty. Let Beanstalk light your path to success. Are you ready to transform your Agile capabilities and achieve new heights in your career?

Join us now and start shaping your Agile destiny with Beanstalk.

Key Features

Curated learning objectives created and prioritized by leading Agile guides (CSTs, CECs, ...)
Dashboard with your skill profile and improvement performance
Clear questions and acceptance criteria enabling an intuitive self-assessment
Growing library of eLearning content (videos, case studies, workbooks, ...) for self-guided learning
Frequently updated with new content and learnings from our guides (stay up-to-date on trends and innovations)


Yes, you decide when you’ve reached a learning objective. It’s built for Agile practitioners looking to improve themselves. Can you cheat? Of course. But what’s the point? 🙂 Also, for every learning objective we recommend specific real-life ways to practice the acquired skill / knowledge, so you can have a better sense of whether you really get it or not.

Currently you’re entitled to a 1-month free trial, which gives you enough time to easily try it out. Afterwards, if you’re happy and want to keep using the tool there is a 1x lifetime price to keep using it forever (with access to all content updates)

Yes, really. You get to use the assessment for one career path (e.g. Product Owner) forever. This includes all the learning content that was there when you paid, plus all new learning content created afterwards.

For Agile practitioners looking to improve, regardless of seniority. We have a custom assessment for different Agile careers (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner, …), covering five different maturity basecamps (from junior to expert). If you are working in an Agile context, just pick your career and directly start assessing your current maturity.

Understand what skills and knowledge you miss, and take your career in Agile to the next level