Once upon a time, there was a group of dedicated trainers who spent countless hours crafting interactive, engaging, and inspiring trainings. Focused on helping people understand Agile principles, practices, and techniques, these trainings became very successful and took these trainers around the world as they helped individuals, teams, and organizations learn how Agile ways of working could help them improve.


Alas, there was one problem – these trainings had to be given in a classroom setting, and could only hold about 25 people at a time. Yet these trainers wanted to be able to help anybody wishing to learn about Agile ways of working. So they went back to drawing board, and re-created from scratch their entire training content, guided by one simple question: how can we replicate in an online medium a similar learning experience to our live trainings?


The answer to that question became BeanStalk – an online Agile university, offering courses crafted by an extremely select group of Agile trainers and coaches, designed to help Agile professionals and teams improve their ways of working.


Regardless of your role or seniority, BeanStalk can help you improve your knowledge of Agile and how to make it work in your team or organization. It all starts with your learning roadmap, which is personalized by BeanStalk based on your role and experience. Your learning roadmap is composed of a variety of courses, which help build both your practical understanding of Agile frameworks and practices, as well as your theoretical grasp of the principles that make them work. With a mixture of engaging video lessons, insightful case studies, and purposeful exercises, BeanStalk is your guide in understanding how to succeed in this new business paradigm we call Agile.