Productivity is an advanced topic, be patient

Everybody is interested in improving productivity. It’s in the title of the book from one of the creators of Scrum – boost your productivity by a factor of 4! Yet, when I reflect on the work I’ve done helping organizations in their Agile transformations, I realize I’ve had a somewhat conflicted relationship with the topic of […]

The four perspectives of a Product Owner

One of the challenges organizations face when moving towards Agile ways of working is the role of a product owner. We generally understand the idea of the one person ultimately accountable for return-on-investment for their “product”. However, go into a company doing Agile nowadays and ask one of the product owners if they are empowered to […]

Scrum Master Maturity Model

How can a Scrum Master help an organization or a team improve? This might sound like a straightforward question, but it’s really not. And having an understanding of that is critical for individuals looking to improve as a Scrum Master (or organizations looking to improve the maturity of their Scrum Masters). Our Scrum Master maturity […]

Product Owner Maturity Model

The impact of a good Product Owner is evident – there is clarity of vision and an all-around alignment of efforts focused on value delivery. However, breaking down the skills needed for great Product Owners is not easy as so much of the role depends on context. A Product Owner in a startup who is […]