Productivity is an advanced topic, be patient

Everybody is interested in improving productivity. It’s in the title of the book from one of the creators of Scrum – boost your productivity by a factor of 4! Yet, when I reflect on the work I’ve done helping organizations in their Agile transformations, I realize I’ve had a somewhat conflicted relationship with the topic of […]

Beyond Agile scaling frameworks – continuously adapting structures

Over the past few years, as organizations looked to scale their ongoing Agile initiatives beyond the team level, scaling frameworks were all the rage. And as people discussed at length the merits of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Nexus, or the “Spotify Model”, something got lost along the way. Agile scaling conversations […]

Product Owner Maturity Model

The impact of a good Product Owner is evident – there is clarity of vision and an all-around alignment of efforts focused on value delivery. However, breaking down the skills needed for great Product Owners is not easy as so much of the role depends on context. A Product Owner in a startup who is […]