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“As an agile coach, I’ve found the personal assessment to be a key tool in my mentoring process for Product Owners (PO) and Scrum Masters (SM). It offers a solid structure for helping my mentees grow. Plus, they can see their progress, which really boosts their motivation.”
Nico Chirio
Agile Coach, Agilar

Key Features

Curated learning objectives created and prioritized by leading Agile guides (CSTs, CECs, ...)
Dashboard with your skill profile and improvement performance
Clear questions and acceptance criteria enabling an intuitive self-assessment
Growing library of eLearning content (videos, case studies, workbooks, ...) for self-guided learning
Frequently updated with new content and learnings from our guides (stay up-to-date on trends and innovations)


Yes, you decide when you’ve reached a learning objective. It’s built for Agile practitioners looking to improve themselves. Can you cheat? Of course. But what’s the point? 🙂 Also, for every learning objective we recommend specific real-life ways to practice the acquired skill / knowledge, so you can have a better sense of whether you really get it or not.

Currently you’re entitled to a 14 day free trial, which gives you enough time to easily try it out. Afterwards, if you’re happy and want to keep using the tool there is a choice: 1x lifetime price to keep using it forever (with access to all content updates) or a monthly subscription

Yes, really. You get to use the assessment forever. This includes all the questions and learning content that was there when you paid, plus all new learning content created afterwards.

For Agile practitioners looking to improve, regardless of seniority. We have a custom assessment for different Agile careers (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner, …), covering five different maturity basecamps (from junior to expert). If you are working in an Agile context, just pick your career and directly start assessing your current maturity.

Understand what skills and knowledge you miss, and take your career in Agile to the next level